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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

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NZ – 2010 – 64 mn
Réalisateur : Bruce Giglio
Production : Sirocco Productions
Version anglaise
Kiri Wai, Inner Skin is the story of a young European/American who undertakes a return journey to the South Pacific to complete an identity quest that began in his adolescence when India Taylor (Maori Tattoo artist, sculptor, & makeup artist cf. Once were warriors) began a […]


Australie – 2008 – 52 mn
Réalisateur : Rachel Perkins
Production : Blackfella Films
Version anglaise
First Australian chronicles the birth of contemporary Australia as never told before, from the perspectives of its first people. First Australian explores what unfolds when the oldest living culture in the world is overrun by world’s greatest empire.

Pre-selection Committee

The members of the FIFO pre-selection team have the delicate task of choosing about thirty competition and non-competition films from documentaries proposed. These key figures with very different, but complementary profiles all have something in common: they experience and know Oceania from within, through their professions or their activities. The pre-selection work is undertaken with […]

Entries for the 8th Pacific International Documentary Film Festival (FIFO 2011) are open

The eightth Pacific International Documentary Film Festival of Tahiti (FIFO Tahiti) will take place at the ‘Maison de la Culture’ (Te Fare Tauhiti Nui) in Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia from 24 to 30 january 2011.
Online subscription.
This event is open to all filmmakers who have produced a documentary on the Pacific within the last […]

Professional conferences at FIFO

Since the beginning of the week, for the fourth consecutive year, the Pacific Television Conference has gathered approximately twenty Pacific television broadcasters with the creation of a network as objective, in which production companies and television channels share their experiences and identify problems, to try to find the answers.

After a discussion on Tuesday dedicated […]

DEBAT 1 – E-COMMERCE: equipped to face the potential by-products from digital exposure

How do we protect ourselves and remain in control of our reputation and identity on the web? This question was asked yesterday during the first Digital Encounters debate, which was held in the Maison de la Culture marquee, from 4pm to 6pm. Faced with the development of e-commerce, the setting up of video surveillance in […]

FIFO premiere!

Yesterday evening the seventh edition of FIFO created something novel by opening the Maison de la Culture’s grand théâtre doors for ‘Fiction Night.’ A taste of what the festival has in store with a short film fiction section, this projection put eight productions under the spotlight (7 short films from Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and […]

Making films!

For three years, the FIFO video workshop has allowed budding directors to take their first steps with the latest generation Mac and the most recent version of iMovie software, provided by Ivea.
This morning we met with the participants to find out their impressions.
Jeff, 57 years old
I took part in the workshop last year but there […]


NZ – 2009 – 80 mn
Réalisateur : Briar March
Production : On the Level productions
Version anglaise sous-ttrée en français
This film follows the life of three people in a unique Pacific Island Community as they face the first devastating effects of climate change, including a terrifying flood. Will they decide to stay with their Island home or […]

Presentation of regional audiovisual projects

Participants :

BARRY Klinit – Yumi Piksa – Papua New Guinea
BROADBRIDGE Richard – MaiTV – Fiji
CLARK Kenneth – Fiji TV/EMTV – Fiji
CORDEIRO Dalia – Néo productions – New Caledonia
GREEN Murray – ABC Australia – Australia
HANE NOU Arthur – Yumi Piksa – Papua New Guinea
HEMETSBERGER Mark – ABC Australia  Australia
KOTRA Wallès – AFIFO – France
LEE Erwin […]

NEW in 2010 : International pitchinig event for oceanian films

For its 7th edition, the FIFO and the ATPA (local association of audiovisual professionals) are co-organising a pitching session. Its organizers are inviting all professionals of the documentary film world to meet and exchange on oceanian projects.
All project-proposers (authors, directors, producers) will be granted three to five minutes to present their film idea infront of […]

Wednesday, January 27

Films in competition

8h00 : Bastardy (01h25)
9h30 : Retours à Canala (52min)
10h30 : Fairweather Man (52min)
11h30 : Noho Hewa : The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai’i (01h15)


13h30 : Honeybee Blues (52min)
14h30 : L’Encre et le Geste (52min)
15h30 : Nundhirribala’s Dream(6min)
15h40 : My Uncle Bluey (16min)
16h00 : Ensemble Tout Est Possible (52min)
17h00 : […]

Thursday, January 28

Films in competition

08h00 : L’Archipel des Forçats (1h30)
09h30 : Lost in Wonderland (52min)
10h30 : Pas le Temps (26min)
11h00 : Les Possédés de Faaite (52min)
12h00 : Bombora (55min)


13h30 : The Future Makers (52min)
14h30 : Prisonnier du soleil (52min)
15h30 : Levekuka Clay (13min)
15h45 : Barngngrnn Marrangu Story (5min)
15h50 : Mama Bilong Down […]

Saturday, January 30


09h00 : Terre Natale : Retour à Rurutu (52min)
10h00 : Lost in Wonderland + Rencontre avec la réalisatrice (52min)
11h30 : Surfeurs du Paradis (52min)


13h30 : Humpbacks from Fire to ice (52min)
14h30 : Henry and Bee (26min)
15h00 : Jackpot à Port Lincoln (52min)
16h00 : Gina’s Wedding (52min)

Films in competition

18h00 : Rain […]

Te ao honouira, le monde des liens numériques

26 – 30 janvier 2010
Papeete- Polynésie
Le numérique toujours stratégique
Les premières rencontres numériques de janvier 2009, ont montré l’importance stratégique du numérique pour le développement de la Polynésie française.
Chaque responsable politique, économique, éducatif, culturel, touristique, administratif, syndical, chaque directeur de médias, d’hôpital, d’entreprise, chaque maire, chaque élu est concerné pour participer aux choix du futur […]

The jury of FIFO 2015

Jan Kounen
Director, Producer and Writer – France
After studying at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Nice, Jan Kounen’s career kicked off as a camera assistant and director of video clips and documentaries. In 1989, he produced the short film “Gisèle Kérozène”, granted the Grand Prix of the category at the Avoriaz Fantastic […]

Script writing course

Open to all (registration necessary at the FIFO office: 70 70 16 – limited availability)
(Course: Tuesday and Wednesday 9am/12pm –Individual discussion on Saturday)
This year, the script writing course is focussed on short films, through a two-sided approach. This training both theoretical and practical will be carried out by Franck Philippon, a scriptwriter from […]

Organisation & Partners

France Télévisions Polynésie is the organizer of FIFO. This television station has mandated the FIFO Association, chaired by Wallès Kotra, to stage the event (coordination, partnerships, communication, accommodation, transport, etc.). Polynesie 1ére  continues to promote and publicise the event on the air through clips, special programmes and the RFO television news.
Te Fare Tauhiti Nui / […]

General Information

Entry Tickets
The Festival day pass provides unlimited admission to film screenings in the three cinemas from 8 am to 10 pm every day. Tickets will be on sale at the” Maison de la culture”
Prices :
Single Day Ticket : 1000 XPF
Students, groups & children under 18 : 500 XPF
3-Day Pass : 2500 XPF (Weekend excluded)
School tickets […]


Australie – 2009 – 6 mn
Réalisateur : Ella Geia
Production : Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association
Version anglaise
This is a story of a dream that became reality and changed the course of one man’s personal and cultural life.


Polynésie française – 2009 – 52 mn
Réalisateur : Marc E. Louvat
Production : Atelier Tahiti Docs & SEO
Version française
The Centre of Oceanic Studies, created during the First World War, has experienced the devastating Spanish flu epidemic, the 1929 economic crisis, the Second World War and immense disruption linked to the construction of the Pacific Nuclear Experimentation […]


FIFO Tahiti aims to become the most important documentary film event in the Pacific region. Our priority is to depict the lives we live in this part of the world. This vision of the Pacific is the one that audio-visual professionals are invited to come and share.
Official Selection FIFO includes :
– The films in […]


Polynésie française – 2009 – 51 mn
Réalisateur : Jacques Navarro-Rovira
Production : Beau Geste & RFO Polynésie
Version française
It tells the story of two exceptional meetings: between two artistic expressions: Painting and Dance and between two dances: contemporary and the ori Tahiti. However this blend of culture is not obvious. The doubts were plentiful and the negotiations […]


Polynésie française – 2009 – 52 mn
Réalisateur : Jean-Michel Corillon
Production : Kwanza & Bleu Lagon Production & Canal Overseas
Version française sous-titrée en anglais
Maeva and Eteroa are 23 and 20 years old. Brother and sister by birth, they were born on the island of Rurutu in Polynesia and were adopted during the first hours of their […]

TEASER FIFO 2014-Polynésie 1ere



Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham