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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

The objectives

An Oceanian Culture...

Every year, the FIFO embarks its festival goers in the exploration of the vast Pacific Ocean. Each and every projection holds the promise of a voyage full of emotion. The curtains rise like a ship’s mainsail and lead the public on a discovery of the immense Oceanian culture. Via these documentaries, the FIFO navigates between the pacific islands, where sometimes our discoveries are specific to one island and sometimes we find common destinies.

Revealing Oceania and its peoples to the eyes of the world: this is the raison d'être of the FIFO. This epic Festival offers the Pacific peoples a stage on which to represent their cultures and a voice where they may express their concerns.

In time and space, the promotion of Pacific films knows no limits, after Pape’ete, the Festival travels through all 5 archipelagos of French Polynesia via FIFO in the Islands, and then extends further across the vast Pacific ocean, and even into the western world, thanks to connections made over the years with Oceanian enthusiasts across the planet.

In tandem with the cultural importance of these Oceanian documentaries are the economic considerations, it is little known to the general public but the FIFO plays a vital role in the development of the Pacific audiovisual market. It is the only event in the South Pacific to assemble so many audiovisual professionals: directors, producers, technicians, but also TV and radio station managers and representatives of foreign festivals. Through meetings, workshops and debates the Festival thereby multiplies the opportunities for creativity to germinate and come to fruition in the audiovisual field.

A multi facetted event, the FIFO offers again this year, an outstanding program, with 14 films in competition, 26 non competing films, an evening dedicated to short-films, a writing marathon, various meetings and workshops and many other events and surprises to be discovered in the FIFO village at Te Fare Tauhiti Nui – Maison de la Culture. Faithful public and professionals, newcomers to the festival come and participate in the 2017 FIFO, an already unforgettable adventure.

The objectives

The festival pursues a number of goals :

  • Stage an event for the Tahitian public in February
  • Bring together all film and television professionals of the region, and foster the development of joint projects and information exchange on current issues
  • Highlight the quality of national and international productions so as to promote the best ones and make it easier to market them internationally
  • Create a market between Pacific documentary producers and world documentary buyers

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  1. Hi my name is Tim Huynh I am a ACM student at UH Manoa. I just finish a short documentary that screened at the Vietnamese International Film Festival. My question is do you only accept documentaries about or related to the pacific region. My documentary is in Vietnamese and is about my Vietnamese Uncle. Also, what is the surcharge to enter a film? Thank you
    Contact Info:

  2. Can you please tell me if projects about Australian Indigenous people would qualify for this festival?

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