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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

Competition entry

Conditions for participation

Festival entries should be documentaries from the past three years on Pacific topics by independent or public producers or television stations.

All video management supports can compete. Authors can make competing multiple movies of their own. Only one film of the same author can be selected in the "in competition" category.

Less than 15 min or more than 95 min length movies could be purposed for the official selection but won't be retained in the "in competiton" category. They will be eventually nominated for the "out of competition" films

Registration closing fixed on October 1st 2015


A jury comprising internationally recognized film and television professionals will view all the pre-selected films. The directors of the award-winning films will also receive a cash prize.

The prizes awarded will be

  • Festival Jury Grand Prize : 4530 $
  • Three Special Jury Prizes : 2720 $ each
  • Audience Prize : 2720 $
  • Best short : 900$

FIFO 2016 : Regulation for the documentaries FIFO 2016

Entry Form documentaries 2016


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  1. Hi There,

    I'm thinking of entering in the festival, Jan 2001. Can you please explain the term Broadcasting that you use in the application form. My question is, will my entry be broadcast on Television or is it more just to mean showcased at the event?

    I have archive material in my documentary that I only have rights to broadcast a certain number of times.

    Thank you

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