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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

Workshop Tous Coprod

Logo_Touscoprod_Noir_FondBlanc_ApWorkshop Tous Coprod – Professionals only

Wednesday 3th February from 10:30am to 12:30pm

Crowdfunding came to fruition in the 2000s due notably to the proliferation of social networks. This new type of collaborative economics involves mobilising a community in aid of a project. Crowdfunding is hence a vehicle enabling the general public to support, financially and collectively, an idea or a project that appeals to them.

Touscoprod is a participative funding platform 100% devoted to cinema and audiovisual. Created on 20th January 2009, Touscoprod sets itself apart through the quality of its catalogue (including 6 selections at Cannes, 2 nominations at the Oscars and 1 Golden Bear in Berlin). The platform permits fundraising to be organised in order to develop a project and circulate it.

An increasing number of film professionals, directors and production companies are calling upon this new participative funding and use the internet to circulate and promote their content. 


This workshop is aimed at those with project proposals and is run by Lola Joly, content manager of Touscoprod.

You will find out all you need to know about this means of collaborative funding, how it works and the various stages involved. You will receive valuable advice and the keys to the successful launch of your participative funding campaign!

Programme: find out how to prepare for the campaign, the various stages to submitting a project and motivating your community during fund-raising, while at the same time analysing successful or ongoing campaigns.

The aim of this workshop is to cover all options to ensure the success of your crowdfunding campaign! 

Individual guidance by appointment during the festival:

Lola also offers individual guidance sessions to help you launch your crowdfunding campaign.

Appointments made by email:

Photo Lola JOLY
Lola JOLY:

Director of content for Touscoprod, the 1st crowdfunding platform devoted exclusively to cinema and audiovisual.

A graduate of the Sorbonne and the Université Paris - Dauphine, she specialises in digital and new media. After working for Dailymotion, she joined the Touscoprod team in 2014 and supports the crowdfunding campaigns of those with film projects.

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