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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

Script Writing

Facilitator : Sydélia Guirao

General public : Minimum Age 15 years

Registration at the FIFO office or 87 70 70 16 (Limited Number of Places)

Time : Wednesday to Friday from 3 pm to 5 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 11 am

Place : Stand at FIFO Village

15 people maximum


Storytelling is an age-old custom, we tell each other stories : around a fire; at a bedside; with the help of a pen; in the middle of a room… A story is a journey that we offer to others, it appeals to the imagination; this colourless and classless extraordinary thing residing in each human being, this universal gift that is more precious than all the world’s treasures.

But how do you tell a story that speaks to others and resonates in each of us ?

What are the secrets to narration, why do we remember some stories and not others ? From short stories, to feature length or short films not forgetting documentary and video games, the key to narration is identical and good fiction does not exist without a gripping story.

This workshop will divulge several secrets acquired through experience and encounters in the land of storytelling, it will provide you with the ingredients essential to creating a story and the mysterious key to dramaturgy.


Vitavi_251113_153Sydélia Guirao

Sydélia Guirao began writing and producing in Tahiti then decided to embark upon screenwriting. In 2003, she joined the prestigious European Conservatory for Screenwriting in Paris.

Later, she specialised in animation where her whims were required for series like Kiri le clown, Bali, Cajou, Tchoupi, Piwi, Tara Duncan, Martine, Les Fées Cloches… then several long films like ‘Tamariata l’enfant nuage’, ‘Lightfield’ and a horror film.

After writing almost 300 scenarios, she became a producer and set up the company ‘Intervalists’ now ‘Dandelooo’. For M6 she produces her series ’Chico chica Boumba’ (Nuit des medias award and CNC multi-support) and co-wrote a special TV programme for France 3 ‘Little Houdini; that should be released soon. Today she is having the time of her life on various projects...


Equipment required

You'll need to bring some paper sheets and pens.

Please bring your ID.

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