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Fifo Festival in Tahiti


Previous subscription is requested for every workshops, by e-mail at or by phone 87 70 70 16 


Script Writing Workshop

When we love a book, or a movie, a universe... we want it to remain alive in our imagination. Real "fans" don’t hesitate to prolong their hero’s stories; a sort of script is born of this attachment to an already famous tale. It is especially with TV series or movies that "fan-fiction" has developed, this screenplay that gives life to new adventures for already existing fictional characters. Is there a life after school for Harry Potter? Who hasn’t dreamed of a different ending for 'Titanic’? “Fanfic” reminds us that things disappear only when nobody thinks about them... Do you want to try?

Pascale Berlin
Pascale fell into this verbal melting pot, following her long days of work as a screen writer: from an original idea, through to a film’s release. Scenario writing courses and her position as director of a film school has triggered the question of transmission. With her students she has directed over 50 short-films, 30 documentaries, various music videos, imitation adverts and two end-of-study feature films. A rich exchange of knowledge, for all parties concerned.



2nd Writing Marathon

After a successful first edition, the FIFO and Air Tahiti Nui maintain the writing marathon, an original idea that allows participants to try their hand at scenario writing for a short-film of a maximum 3 minutes on a given theme. The winner of this “race” wins an airline ticket offered by Air Tahiti Nui, one of the festival official partners. On the starting line, a random draw will attribute a professional to each marathoner. His mission is to guide the participant throughout the competition. Once the teams have been formed, the race starts with the announcement of the theme. Now begins the real marathon! From 8am to 6pm, the budding writers engage in a long-distance race. They have 10 hours to write their scripts: intrigue, characters, twists ... nothing can be left to chance. Do you too want to try your hand? 



Sound Design Workshop

The power of an image takes on a whole new dimension once it is accompanied by a sound track. It’s the sound engineer, both technician and artist who creates that unique sound or music that transports the viewers to another universe. In this workshop you will address the audio problems encountered during filming and post-production. How to capture a sound? How to recreate a whole universe of sound for a video? What is a sound mix or Sound Design? Using an approach accessible to all, Heimana Flohr will answer your questions and try to introduce you to a whole new approach to audio perception and listening. From initial intangible ideas to actual musical exercises via software management, he will guide you to the discovery of the fascinating world of sound!

Heimana Flohr
Heimana did not seem destined for an audio-visual career, initially he was embarked upon scientific studies, but that was not counting on his fascination with the world of sound. He decided to follow his passion and integrated the SAE (School of Audio Engineers) one of the great international training centres for sound, image and multimedia trades. He qualified as a sound engineer in 2013 and returned to the fenua to launch his own business: Audio Flohr Productions. Recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, the sound business holds no secrets for him! You can’t have missed his latest achievement: the clip “‘A pehe" by Tamari'i Ha’uti.



Make up FX Workshop

Special effects techniques create the illusion of actions, objects or characters for which make-up FX allows extreme metamorphoses. Many movies owe their success to these techniques: Marvels, Lord of the Rings, Batman, or the long series of horror movies. The Make Up FX workshop, led by Christopher Prenat, offers a behind-the-scenes look at this fascinating job. There will be demonstrations of cinema makeup, from simple details through to radical transformations. He will explain how make-up is an essential component of a movie and requires a real immersion in the scenario from the part of the make-up artist and extensive cooperation with the Director.

Christopher Prenat
At ease on the stage and a backstage expert, Christopher is an atypical character. At a very young age, he explored the world of fashion, the arts and entertainment. Possessing a Diploma of styling and hairdressing he is also a professional makeup artist. He has even excelled as an actor in a series. In Paris he was the makeup artist for well known designers, such as Kenzo, Jean-Paul Gaultier and for major events such as the Paris Fashion Week. Graduating from the Conservatoire du Maquillage in Paris, he returned to Tahiti where he juggles between film and photo shoots and Special Events. Recently, he has installed his make-up gear and brushes in “The Lodge” his production studio.



Vloging Workshop

The word "Vlog" comes from the contraction of ‘blog’ and ‘video’. The "vloggeur" regularly shares his passions by publishing videos about his life on the internet. A seemingly simple principle, but one which must meet certain criteria to be effective and the short format of these videos requires that the vloggeur catch your attention in the first few seconds! Sometimes using time-lapse or overviews carried out by drones for those who are better equipped, vlogs are often a source of inspiration for other creators, both in terms of realization or editing and postproduction. Maiau Tevai, will take you onboard and explore with you the different aspects of "vlogging". Using tools such as a smartphone or a go-pro type camera you will attempt the realization of your own video and perhaps even become the next You Tube star.

Tevai Maiau
Tevai was offered his first camera when in high school. He soon realized the power that images have to generate an infinite palette of emotions. Determined to make a career of his passion, he moved to Auckland to follow a "Multi-media production" course, which he then completed by integrating the "Audiovisual Production" program at the University of French Polynesia. In 2014, he won the prize for best Director using a mobile phone at the Vini film festival with Our children, our future. He then launched his production company, which has already signed several advertising campaigns and also various TV shows. He also makes fictional films including the trailer for the famous Earth Hour.



Shooting and Editing Workshop

Who has never made a video with their smartphone or tablet? These digital tools accompany us every day and are capable of producing high quality content. More and more festivals are dedicated to productions made via smartphones! However possessing the latest model is not sufficient for the production of a quality film. You need a story, the skill to transform it into images and you need to master the assemblage of these sequences while remaining true to the original script. From screen play, to shooting and then the final assembly, Nyko PK16, will provide you with the necessary tools and technical advice for your project. The projects will be published on You Tube, at the end of the workshop.

Nyko PK16
Self-taught, Nyko PK16 has honed and perfected his skills in video production, painting, or drawing, over the years with one purpose in mind: creation and self expression. His documentary Tamari'i Tipaerui was selected for the 2015 FIFO in the non competing category. Then Avec le temps was selected for the night of the short film at the 2016 FIFO in the same year, he also made Eva Ariitai’s clip Slow down the River. But 2016 marked a return to his first love: drawing, with Portraits du Fenua broadcast on Polynésie 1ère. A big fan of Walt Disney, he also made a cartoon series Dessine-moi une légende which will be diffused from 1ère March 2017.

TEASER FIFO 2014-Polynésie 1ere



Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham