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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

The Short Films

Bluey -14 min-Australia-2015- VOSTFR
Réalisation : Marlène Johnson Production : Cult Pictures
Bluey is an angry young woman, she is on a very slippery slope, an offender on probation; she’s a thief and gets into fights. Why doesn’t she communicate what she thinks and feels and change her ways?

Te Toto -18 min-French Polynesia- 2016 - VF
Réalisation : Jérôme Schmitt Production : Jérôme Schmitt Ta’aroa
Ta'aroa, a boy from the Tuamotu islands hates his adopted brother of whom he is jealous and even though Manuari'i is very giving... Ta’aroa goes too far.

Faafaite by Pepena -7min-French Polynesia-2016- Version Tahitienne STFR
Réalisation : Virginie Tetoofa Production : Virginie Tetoofa
One song, two dancers. One, the symbol of our past, the other evokes rupture and opening to the world. The fusion of the two by song and dance is an integral part of the Polynesian identity.

Je ne pleurerai plus -24 min- New-Caledonia-2016 - VF
Réalisation : Olivier Gresset Production : Duol Productions
At the age of 8, following a traumatic incident, Thomas decides never to cry again. He grows older and whatever happens he doesn't cry. But then he sees Chloe again...

I'm just a shark -4min-French Polynesia-2015-VF
Réalisation : Julien Marckt Production : Moetera Productions
Today, Lord Shark talks of himself and Man. Who is the supreme executioner? Who should fear whom? Who is the real predator here?

Tits on a bull
-16 min- New-Zelande- 2015 - Version Anglaise STFR
Réalisation : Tim Worall Production: Hikoi NZ LTD/ Velvet Stone Productions/Steambox Films
A women's rugby team in rural New Zealand where Phoenix Tawhana, rising star of the sport, is trying to decide between loyalty to her old coach Rusty, and her attraction for Melanie, the team’s captain.

Islet -12min-Tuvalu-2015-Version Tuvaluane ST en english et en french
Réalisation : Andrew John Fakaua Ponton Production : Mare Imbrium
In a conservative Island community, a young teenager has been accused of secretly looking at soft porn erotic magazines. How can he escape the burden of public disapproval?

Galka -11min- Australia - 2014 - Version Yolngu Matha STFR
Réalisation : Ishmael Marika Production : Joseph Brady-The Mulka Project
In Arnheim’s land, Galka, a dark hearted ghost with a painted face, creeps in the bush. Best to avoid him, but for that, the children need to know the danger he represents.

Les Ruptures -2min- French Polynesia - 2016 - VF
Réalisation : Raurii Gatien Production : Raurii Gatien
Who has never suffered a breakup? Who has never been the cause of one? You? Well, your turn will come and then you will learn one of life’s lessons

Mine -14 min - New-Zelande - 2014 - Version anglaise STFR
Rélisation : Paloma Shneideman Production : Unitec Performing and Screen
All decisions have consequences. These consequences can be difficult to bear when the question of who owns a child arises?

Blackbird -14 min- Australia - 2015 - Version solomonaise ST en anglais et en français
Réalisation : Amie Batalibasi Production : Victorian College of the Arts
At the end of the Nineteenth century, blackbirders stole pacific islanders to work in the Australian sugar cane fields. Kiko and Rosa, taken from the Solomon Islands, try to survive slavery together.

Maururu Papa -2 min - French Polynesia - 2016 - Version tahitienne et française
Réalisation : Lymace Prod et Alexanime Production : Lymace Prod et Alexanime
What a wonderful Polynesian coastline when a young fisherman can catch a fish and proudly show his father what he’s caught.

Aroha -11 min- New-Zelande - 2015 - Version anglaise STFR
Réalisation : Nikki Si'ulepa Production : Thunder
Anywhere, even in a bar, love can forge a link between two souls with mutual consideration. You just have to let go, enjoy and accept: Aroha.

TEASER FIFO 2014-Polynésie 1ere



Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham