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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

Oceanian Screens

Each year FIFO reunites people around a subject as vast as it is complex: Oceania. An immense marine continent, with over 30 million people spread across more than 10,000 islands. For 14 years, this festival has introduced the population of Papeete and elsewhere to these cultures and peoples. The production capacity of Australia and New Zealand, our "big islands", allows them greater visibility, but all the oceanian peoples have the right to be represented at the FIFO.

This is the very essence of the festival and even more so of the “Oceanian screens” section. So that no country, no people, in Oceania, may be forgotten, “Oceanian screens” highlights these little known lands and tales of Oceania. Tokelau, Salomon, Tonga, or Guam, are little known but they have so much to tell! The festival allows us to connect with these remote islands, who have their own specifi- cities but who often share the same issues as others in the area.

This year, 10 films have been selected for the category of “Oceanian screens”. Each of them, including a Polynesian production, will compete for the audience’s special prize.

ADORN - 32 min – New Zealand – 2016
Réalisation : Lisa Taouma
Production : Tiki Productions

Réalisation : Jessica Peterson
Production : Jessica Peterson

FADING SANDS - 30 min – Australie – 2016
Réalisation : Stephen Limkin
Production : Light Studios/World Vision Solomon Islands

LE PARADIS SOLAIRE DES TOKELAU - 44 min – Tokelau/New Zealand/Hong Kong/Germany – 2015 
Réalisation : Ulli Weissbach
Production : Pacifica Productions Ltd

MOBILITÉ QUÉBEC : LES DÉFIS DE LEILA - 56 min – Nouvelle Calédonie – 2015
Réalisation : Dominique Roberjot et Christine Della-Maggiora
Production : Latitude 21 Pacific/Canal+ Calédonie

PŪTAHI KOTAHITANG - 35 min – Polynésie Française – 2016
Réalisation : Are Raimbault
Production : Etablissement Publique : Centre des Métiers d’Art de Polynésie Française

THE ROOTS OF ‘ULU - 36 min – USA – 2016
Réalisation : John Antonelli
Production : Quazi Films, Mill Valley Film Group

VOYAGE : INTO THE DEPTHS OF KANALO - 62 min – Hawaii – 2015
Réalisation : Ruben Carillo
Production : Carillo Digital Inc/Halau Holomoana

WAKA HUIA – THE TALE OF A MĀORI ‘BODY-SNATCHER’ - 29 min 15 – New Zealand – 2016 
Réalisation : Mana Epiha
Production : Scottie Productions

WOSERA JUSTICE - 16 min – Papua New Guinea – 2015
Réalisation : Verena Thomas
Production : Centre Social and Creative Media, University of Goroka

TEASER FIFO 2014-Polynésie 1ere



Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham