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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

Nuit Al Dorsey

Saturday 11th February from 7.30 pm to 10 pm

-Maison de la Culture-

Grand Théâtre free entry with an invitation from the Maison de la Culture 

Al Dorsey 101

This TV series is adapted from a series of novels written by Patrice Guirao (Crois-le and Lyao-Ly). At the instigation of Thieryy Bruant – Merapi Productions, a documentary and animated film producer with strong links to Polynesia, the episodes were written by Sydélia Guirao and Nassim Ben Allal and produced by Thierry Bouteiller. This is the first fictional series commissioned by French TV’s Outre-mer 1ère channels. The series was filmed in 2016, on Tahiti and Mo'orea. The principal roles are played by Alban Casterman and Guillaume Ducreux. The 6 episodes’ series should be aired on television during 2017. After the pre-casting during FIFO 2016, episodes 1 and 2 will be premiered this year as a FIFO special showcase. Al Dorsey’s real name is Edouard Tudieu de la Valiere, Doudou to his friends, he’s a detective in the tropics, where nothing really exciting ever happens, at least so it seems… In the first episode, Al receives a visit from Father Levret, who asks him to find the owners of a suitcase that a fisherman found in the sea at Takakoto and then promptly disappears. Hidden in a false bottom of the briefcase is $ 5 million... A few hours later, a priest by the name of Levret is murdered, then Al’s office is broken into. A note threatening him if he does not return the $ 5 million... With his long-time friend, Sando, a police commissioner, Al starts his investigation...

TEASER FIFO 2014-Polynésie 1ere



Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham