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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

Story Edge Oceania

Story Edge Oceania is collaboration between Story Edge New Zealand and FIFO. Story Edge is a New Zealand initiative, that brings together storytellers, designers, creative technologists and producers to collaborate on transformative, immersive stories told across interactive digital platforms. The future of storytelling has changed. With the advent of digital platforms and technology, storytelling now embraces new audiences through developing and delivering stories across multiple platforms outside traditional film and television. This can be via interactive websites, serious games, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and using a combination of film, TV, radio, digital technology and the internet. Local and international experts will share their experience through a series of short talks and Q&As over the weekend. To do so effectively and reach new audiences, both creative storytellers and technologists must find a common language and collaborate together.
Story Edge Oceania seeks to facilitate this by breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for inter-sector collaboration and story development.

Story Edge Oceania seeks to challenge traditional storytelling and thinking and facilitate the new. Across the world storytelling is becoming more and more vital to all industries and without a good story, it is very difficult to inspire, engage and educate customers and audiences. The Future is Now.

Sessions : Tuesday Feb 7, 8am to 12pm / Wednesday Feb 8, 1pm to 5pm / Thursday Feb 9, 8am to 12pm

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Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham