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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

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The Road to Home

Non-competition film directed by Dominic Brown and produced by Dancing Turtle Films (53 minutes, USA, VOSTFR)
An unbelievable life walk of life is presented to us here, through the admirable Benny Wenda and his battle. A tribal leader in Western Papua, an artist, musician and above all, a political revolutionary for the people that he represents […]

Pitch dating: 8 minutes to convince  

Participants have 8 min to convince a producer, broadcaster and/or distributor to believe in their projects and ideas. This timed meeting is a real opportunity for pitchers, as well as for professionals. Reportage.
‘So, in fact, it’s a series with scenes from typical Polynesian life…’ In the big FIFO marquee, sitting on a chair at […]

FIFO Video Game Challenge!

Clearly it’s another world! In the FIFO village cyber space, the countdown starts as a team of ‘Padawans,’ student interns at Poly 3D, bustle creating a video game in three days. A sizeable challenge for these young people from generation Z!
Tefau’ura Haumani, the head of project and spokesman for the Poly 3D students, explains his […]

Inside the Doc: ‘Aux armes tahitiens’ directed by Jacques Navarro Rovira

The public were offered the opportunity to meet the director Jacques Navarro-Rovira. Many attended beneath the Maison de la Culture banyan tree to discuss his documentary Aux armes Tahitiens. Interviewed by the journalist Caroline Perdrix, he answered questions from the public about his film, selected in the competition category.
A film for ‘those we don’t discuss’

Aux […]

Al Dorsey: seeking actors to film a series!

Al Dorsey is the first large-scale series to be made in Tahiti. Inspired by detective novels by Patrice Guirao depicting investigations by detective Al Dorsey. The filming is anticipated in Tahiti from May to July 2016. Exclusive to FIFO, a public pre-casting will take place at the production team stand for the series. Although better […]

Inside The Doc: Humanahum, the career of John Gabilou

Humanahum takes us on the journey of the artist John Gabilou: his career, emotional moments in the life of a well-known man, encounters, anecdotes from concerts and occasionally lessons…
The way Inside The Doc works enables the public to meet directors of documentaries, sometimes accompanied by their subject. That was the case with this meeting and […]

Jaiyah, the voice of transsexual athletes

Jaiyah Saelua is a fa’afafine, the name for transsexuals in American Samoa. Jaiyah plays football in the national American Samoa team. Today, Jaiyah is the first transsexual footballer to qualify for the World Cup. The career of this endearing character is told in Equipe de rêve, a documentary about the ‘worst team in the World […]

13th FIFO: a vital window to Oceania

The 13th FIFO is officially open. On Tuesday morning, the opening ceremony took place on the Maison de la Culture paepae in the presence of politicians, AFIFO and the jury chairmans, representatives from France Télévisions and the High Commissioner… Each spoke in turn to launch this new edition.
‘The whole government is here, are you […]

Pupils at FIFO: an attentive audience!

Like every year, a whole day is devoted by FIFO to pupils from all over Tahiti to participate in this event. This is an opportunity for them to meet professionals, take part in workshops and maybe even discover a new passion or future career…
More than a thousand pupils from about fifteen different establishments attended on […]

Special Timbuktu evening: Beauty to combat violence

Crowds gathered for the special Abderrahmane Sissako evening on Monday February 1st. The screening of Timbuktu, a multi-award winning film, attracted a large Polynesian audience who were obliged to share two projection rooms, the Big Theatre and the Little Theatre. Reportage…
In the middle of the Big Theatre stage, a man is trying to find […]

Meeting with Nicole Ma: ‘Thanks to them, I learnt what a home was’

Twelve long years… That’s what it took director Nicole Ma to tell the story of Tom. Tom Putuparii Lawford is an Aborigine who gave in to modern temptation but accepted the responsibility of guiding his community, fighting for his clan’s ancestral land and striving for the transmission of traditional skills. Nicola Ma followed him in […]

13th FIFO Live!

A first in the history of FIFO, this year the whole village is being recorded live and streamed enriching the festival. The partnership between the OPT and the Polynesian start-up company TBS5, introducing this new expertise to the local market, will enable the FIFO village to be experienced on a daily basis in situ or […]

Alex LEE: ‘An Intergenerational Meeting.’

A New Zealand documentary, Hip-Hop-eration, is one of eleven competition films at this 13th FIFO. A genuine ode to life, it follows the journey of a very unique dance group: elderly people living on the New Zealand island Waihiki who dance hip-hop and would like to participate in the world championships in Las Vegas. This […]

7th Oceanic Short Film Night at the Big Theatre, with an appreciative audience

This 7th edition of ‘Oceanic short films’ has ended the first ‘off’ day in style. Wallès Kotra, Chairman of AFIFO, accompanied by Marie-Noëlle Frémy and Marie-Christine Lubrano, who are both members of the pre-selection jury, presented it to many spectators who filled the Maison de la Culture Big Theatre. A selection of 18 films, varying […]

Carte Blanche: an ode to love and humanity

Poetry, love, suffering, love… FIFO Off took off with a flying start on Saturday 30th January with a sublime first day. The Carte Blanche afternoon offered a selection of documentary films from the Caledonian festival Ânûû-Rû Âboro.
Emotion in its purest form
Joy, sadness, suffering, pity… Impossible for any audience watching such an account of love […]

The Jury of the FIFO 2016

Président du Jury

Abderrahmane SISSAKO,
Director, writtor, actor,

Membres du Jury

 René Boutin
Director of the festival Anuu ru Aboro


Patrice Guirao
French Polynesia


 Teva Pambrun
Editing for the TV Polynésie 1ère
French Polynesia


 Julia Parnell,

Lisa Duff,

Chantal Steinberg,
Association Ardèche images
Headmistress of the Documentary school of Lussas

Chairman of the Jury – FIFO 2016

Abderrahmane Sissako
Film director, screenwriter
Mauritanian filmmaker, Abderrahmane Sissako  was born in Kiffa (Mauritania) in 1961. At a young age, he left the land of his birth to return to Mali, his father’s native land. His family moved to Bamako.
He left Africa at the age of 22 to live in Moscow and study cinema at the State […]


FIFO: Register for FIFO 2016 from 27th april!
FIFO is continuing its journey, whether in the islands or preparing for the next event. While the Festival teams travel around the Polynesian islands armed with images from FIFO to remote populations, the FIFO Association opens registration for the 2016 edition – the 13th already!
For documentaries: registration is […]

Tattoo, a promising initial film

On Friday evening “Tattoo, the Culture of an Art” won the SCAN prize to award a local production amongst the films in competition. A delighted team therefore introduced themselves to the public at Inside the Doc.
The public is strewn around the paepae on Saturday morning, but the atmosphere is joyful and festive. The film “Tattoo, […]

The Taboo of Gay Surfers

A far cry from the hyper-sexualised image of surfers, the film “Out in the Line Up” takes us to the most beautiful spots in the world to meet a gay community determined break taboos.
As the Australian film “Out in the Line Up,” by Ian Thomson addresses homosexuality in the surf world, inevitably there are questions […]

Marlène Cummins: “It is time to break the silence”

After years of instability, the Aborigine Marlene Cummins has chosen to break her silence and tell her story. In Black Panther Woman, she retraces her path, her commitment to the Australian Black Panthers and the suffering that was silenced. Present at the FIFO festival, she accepted to talk to us about herself and, through her, […]

ITW of the winners

This is the first time that the French director Jan Kounen has attended FIFO, as a spectator but also and above all, as chairman of the jury. At the end of the prize-giving evening we had a few questions for him.
What is your opinion about the films awarded at FIFO 2015?
I am very happy. […]

WALLES KOTRA: ‘FIFO now enjoys widespread legitimacy’

Co-creator of FIFO, Wallès Kotra takes a positive view on FIFO 2015, as well as future festivals. He emphasises the importance of the discussions between professionals and festival attendees, and is pleased to see a larger audience.
What do you think about the 2015 winners?
The choice is credible. The jury has awarded two different perspectives: […]

TEASER FIFO 2014-Polynésie 1ere



Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham