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FIFO 2018 : Call for entries.(0)



The film entries for FIFO 2018 are now open.
The FIFO canoe is continuing its journey in our islands or beyond our reefs as we are already preparing the next event. The 15th FIFO will be taking place from 3-11 February 2018 at Te Fare Tauhiti Nui – Maison de la Culture, in Pape’ete – Tahiti. […]

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WRITING MARATHON – “free me” from scenarios!

The script-writing marathon, an all-day event, took place on Thursday, February 9. Nine people registered for the competition. At stake, the aspiring writer who wins the prize for best screenplay will win a plane ticket to an international destination.
As of 8am, the festival-goers are in the bath. Jacques Navarro, Pascale Berlin-Salmon and Sydelia Guirao coach […]

Stuart Page: Pauly created a musical melting pot.

Stuart page is the director of How Bizarre. This documentary portrays an artist, Paul Fuemana, and a group OMC, who achieved success with an international hit before going bankrupt. This Wednesday February 8, is the anniversary of the one who was nicknamed Pauly. He would’ve been 48 years old. Stuart Page talks about the character […]

100 Tikis – an Oceanic UFO

Dan Taulapapa McMullin is a UFO. Director of 100 Tikis, this fa’afafine (mahu) is a clever mix of crazy artist and thoughtful, committed Oceanian. 100 Tikis, you love it or you hate it.
Sometimes disturbing, this film is a bombardment of images, Oceanic clichés, the myth of the vahine, of the nasty native, of Western interpretations […]

Padisa: “Gather to be heard”  


Four years ago at the FIFO, several festival directors met to develop an idea: a grouping of the Pacific festivals whose objective would be to promote and help audiovisual production in this region. Today, a name was chosen, Padisa And the structure is taking shape. Meeting with René Boutin, Director of the New Caledonian Anuu […]

Audiovisual production overseas is growing

President of the Union of audiovisual production in French Polynesia (SPAPF), Christine Tisseau-Giraudel coordinated the overseas film production convention. The representatives of trade unions and associations of the six territories, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana, Réunion, French Polynesia and New Caledonia came to Tahiti last December for this first convention. Accompanied by a committee of experts, […]

France Televisions: to support creation and make the Overseas regions visible

Delphine Ernotte held a press conference at the FIFO, this Tuesday, February 7. The CEO of France Televisions wished to address certain issues. Report…
“I am here today at the FIFO, to speak about creation and the importance of perspective, from where we stand. Each distant region has the intent to carry the voice of […]

“Reo tahiti must not be considered as a sub-language”

Te reo tumu – The mother tongue: interview with Cybèle Plichart
FIFO – Where did the idea for the documentary Te reo tumu – The mother tongue come from?
Polynesian languages and the nature of the Tahitian language are subjects that have always interested me. I believe that the Tahitian language is a way to access the […]

Encounters, creation, support… Make way for the 14th FIFO!

Let us begin. The 14th FIFO started this Tuesday February 7. The traditional opening ceremony took place at 8am on the paepae, with an impressive parade of personalities. News story.
“It is the 14th edition of the FIFO, born of the friendship between two men. Today, the FIFO signifies knowledge.” Gerard Prufer, regional manager of […]

Open Evening: meeting between peoples

For the opening night of this 14th edition, the president of the jury was given free rein, Stéphane Martin is passionate about culture and travel, it was sheer pleasure for him to share his view of the world via three documentaries.
Three films, three countries, three stories… Stéphane Martin, president of the Quai Branly Museum, […]

Mitchell Stanley: “It is the history of the Aborigines as told by Aborigines.”

Servant or Slave is one of the “in competition” films of this 14th FIFO. Meeting Mitchell Stanley, producer of this Australian documentary.
Upsetting, moving, sometimes ironic, often harsh… It is a film that does not leave you indifferent. For almost an hour, Servant or Slave gives voice to five Aboriginal women. All have been victims […]

FIFO 2017: Identity, Sharing and Discoveries

FIFO 2017: Identity, Sharing and Discoveries

The FIFO organizing committee is pleased to present its selection of films for 2017. 128 movies out of 142 were screened and evaluated by the preselection committee in competition. These quality selection chart the cultural diversity of Oceania. In 2017 the FIFO includes 40 documentary films: 14 competing and 26 non-competingg […]

FIFO 2017: Identity, Sharing and Discoveries

FIFO 2017: Identity, Sharing and Discoveries
The FIFO organizing committee is pleased to present its selection of films for 2017.
This year 142 films were entered into competition, 128 of these fit the criteria and were viewed and evaluated by the committee members of the FIFO’s 14th edition.
The Selection Committee consists of 9 members:
Sophie Blanc, Editor, member […]

Submit your film for the FIFO 2017 !

FIFO is continuing its journey, whether in the islands or preparing for the next event. While the Festival teams travel around the Polynesian islands armed with images from FIFO to remote populations, the FIFO Association opens registration for the 2017 edition – the 14th already!
For documentaries: registration is open from14th April and will close on […]

The Price of Peace, a film driven by passion

On Thursday 4th February, the director and producer of The Price of Peace met with the public. The two women reveal the inside story of the documentary.
On the Maison de la Culture paepae, the director and producer of The Price of Peace carefully listen to comments by Heiura Itae-Tetaa, who works at Archipel Production. […]

‘We have started a conversation’  


Tupaia is one of eleven films in competition at this 13th FIFO. Directed by Lala Rolls, it tells the story of the great Polynesian navigator and his adventure on board Captain Cook’s expedition ship, the Endeavour. On Friday 5th February, some members of the documentary team discuss the background to the filming at Inside the […]

Ten hours to write a short film…

This is a first for FIFO and what a success! The scriptwriting marathon day on Thursday 4th February was a resounding success, in form as well as content. Reportage.
‘We are there to help and guide you either with a tip or technique.’ Sydélia Guirao is one of the mentors at this first scriptwriting marathon. She […]

Get to grips with crowdfunding at FIFO!

The concept is not as new as all that, as already in the 1880s the construction of the Statue of Liberty took place thanks to a call for funding from the population. Surprising that the 19th century already had 21st century modernity in sight! The difference is the web phenomenon and social networks that bring […]

Micro on the Move

Christine: ‘Films that raise awareness’
Which films did you see today?
I saw two films Aux armes tahitiens and Le salaires des profondeurs. These two films have one point in common as neither character complains. For example in Le salaires des profondeurs, the divers put their lives in danger every day to be able to feed their […]

Eric Scherer: ‘the Internet is an incredible opportunity for Oceania’

Eric Scherer is director of foresight for France Télévisions. In plain English, he is the one who tries to light the way several metres ahead to understand what is happening in the world of television that is these days being jostled by the Internet and digital. ‘Like music and press yesterday, now it’s the turn […]

Gil Kebaïli: ‘We must continue the scientific work’

For almost an hour and a half, the director Gil Kebaïli immerses the spectator into an incredible underwater world. Filmed on the Fakarava Atoll, Le Mystère Mérou describes the reproduction of this species of fish that is waiting for the full moon, to reproduce at the same time and in a single day! But not […]

TEASER FIFO 2014-Polynésie 1ere



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