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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

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Countdown to the end of the 11th FIFO(0)


FIFO 2014 is nearing its end… With a scarf around her neck, a hoarse and tired voice after an intense festival week, Miriama Bono, organiser of FIFO for the third year, discusses the 11th FIFO with us…
What do you think about the prize-list at the 11th FIFO?
In fact, I have not seen the films. […]

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Walles Kotra: the spirit of FIFO is essential

This is the last year that Wallès Kotra is chairman of AFIFO. He talked to us about the 11th FIFO: a festival that will always be within him. An interview with one of the cornerstones of this Pacific audiovisual meeting as follows…
FIFO: As a key figure of this festival, and chairman of the FIFO association […]

8thPacific Television Symposium: report

For the eighth consecutive year, all representatives from Pacific television channels gathered together for a symposium at FIFO. It has been the only meeting for professionals in the sector for years permitting a fruitful discussion about experiences and sharing between specialists and regional partners. Around a table, over four mornings, management from television channels from […]

ITW with Martin Butler about “1st footprints…”

‘First Footprints’: new revelations at the heart of humanity
 Australia’s Real History
‘First Footprints’ is the start of a new history Australia: a unique patrimony, crucial for comprehending the Aboriginal people.  Through the depths of humanity, directors Martin Butler and Bentley Dean recount the history of the first men who migrated from Africa about 800,000 years […]

ITW with Piata Gardinier

Piata Gardinier: our recommendation!
Piata Gardinier is one of the youngest directors at FIFO: at 25 years old she is here to present two non-competition documentaries: ‘Rupene Mare’ and ‘Te Hono Ki.’ Each story has an original theme. The first addresses links between the culture and language of the Rapa Nui and the Maoris. The second […]

The very touching ITW with Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor: documentary is a humane adventure
Amy Taylor has always been passionate about dolphins. A marine biologist by training, this young woman had no hesitation in going back to study cinema and natural history, so as to better understand and, above all, film her preferred mammal close up. Her end of course thesis was […]

ITW with Cécile Tessier Gendreau

A call for action for a suffering youth.
A valuable lesson in humility is what Cécile Tessier-Gendreau took away from her ‘humane adventure.’ For this investigative reporter, directing Ananahi, demain was a real life experience. ‘Things do not look the same after that,’ she confided during the conversation. Concerned by a suffering Polynesian youth in search […]

Julia Overton: identity and authenticity, the role of the director in documentary

Julia Overton is a member of the FIFO jury for a second year. A role close to her heart. She is a producer but also a manager and responsible for investments at the national agency Screen Australia, this passionate Festival supporter answers our questions as follows:
This is the second time that you are taking part […]

Witi Ihimaera: authenticity at the heart of his works

Witi Ihimaera is not a great fan of conferences. To talk about his books and productions, this writer from New Zealand who is taking part in his first FIFO as a member of the jury, chose this Tuesday at the Maison de la Culture to hold a conversation with his friend, Deborah Walker Morrison, one […]

ITW de Anne Pitoiset – Nickel, le trésor des Kanak

Nickel, trésor des Kanak: is New Caledonia’s political and economic independence underway? That is the question…
One word to describe this extensive documentary about the situation faced by the Kanaks regarding nickel: sacrifice, but a sacrifice taken on by the population who exploit the Koniambo massif to their advantage. Today, the country holds 51% of the […]

TEASER FIFO 2014-Polynésie 1ere



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