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Fifo Festival in Tahiti


2015/05/04 • Category: In front of, News

FIFO: Register for FIFO 2016 from 27th april!
FIFO is continuing its journey, whether in the islands or preparing for the next event. While the Festival teams travel around the Polynesian islands armed with images from FIFO to remote populations, the FIFO Association opens registration for the 2016 edition – the 13th already!
For documentaries: registration is […]

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Films in competition 2015

Tatau, la culture d’un art (0)

Tatau, la culture d’un art (Tatau, the culture of an art)
52 minutes, French Polynesia, 2014
French Version with English subtitles
Directed by Jean-Philippe Joaquim
Produced by Emotion & Polynésie 1ère
A history of beautiful tattoo designs in French Polynesia. Missionaries have long banned this once essential Polynesian social marking. Then the interdiction, internalised by the population, virtually deleted the […]

Films off competition 2015

Out in the line up (0)

Out in the line up
70 minutes, Australia, 2014
English Version with French subtitles
Directed by Ian W Thomson
Produced by Yellow Dot
Society is starting to accept the ‘coming out’ of homosexuals. But what’s the situation in the surf world ? Surf culture plays upon an idealised hypersexual image, but is it really as simple in the real world […]


Tattoo, a promising initial film (0)

On Friday evening “Tattoo, the Culture of an Art” won the SCAN prize to award a local production amongst the films in competition. A delighted team therefore introduced themselves to the public at Inside the Doc.
The public is strewn around the paepae on Saturday morning, but the atmosphere is joyful and festive. The film “Tattoo, […]

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