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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

Tender and Kumu Hina, the overall festival winners (0)

2015/02/09 • Category: In front of

The FIFO 2015 prize-giving evening, presented by Lolo and Hinatea, took place on Friday 6th February in the spirit of good humour and sharing. A popular evening event at the Grand Theatre…
‘This evening, we will pay tribute to Richard Mai.’ Before initiating the FIFO hymn in Tahitian before the Grand Theatre audience, Jacquot, the conductor [...]

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Films in competition 2015

Tender (0)

73 minutes, Australia, 2014
English Version with French subtitles
Directed by Lynett Wallworth
Produced by Scarlet Pictures
A metallurgical industrial centre in Australia, near the coast. For various financial, ecological or spiritual reasons, a joyful and festive community contemplate creating a public funeral service when its members are suddenly confronted with the fatal illness of a founder member of [...]

Films off competition 2015

Les étoiles du Pacifique (0)

Les étoiles du Pacifique (Stars from the Pacific)
52 minutes, France, 2014
French Version
Directed by Régis Michel
Produced by Pacifico Island Productions, Bleu Lagon & Les films du Pacifique
From Kiribati to New Caledonia, via Reunion or Tahiti, the Magic Circus of Samoa has stuck its marquee on the largest ring in the world. In 2013 the circus drifted [...]


Tattoo, a promising initial film (0)

On Friday evening “Tattoo, the Culture of an Art” won the SCAN prize to award a local production amongst the films in competition. A delighted team therefore introduced themselves to the public at Inside the Doc.
The public is strewn around the paepae on Saturday morning, but the atmosphere is joyful and festive. The film “Tattoo, [...]

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