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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

Registration for the 12th FIFO is open (0)

2014/06/19 • Category: In front of

We are delighted to announce that registration for the 12th Oceanian International Documentary Film Festival is open. Like every year, FIFO will be held at the Maison de La Culture in Papeete, Tahiti, from 31st January to 8th February 2015. Several events will accompany the screening of selected films, such as the 5th Oceania Pitch, [...]

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Films in competition 2015

Black Panther Woman (0)

The Aboriginal woman Marlène Cummins fell in love with the leader of the Australian Black Panther Party in 1972 and fought alongside him against racial discrimination. But at the end of their relationship, Marlène became caught in a cycle of addiction driving her to the streets and making her extremely vulnerable. 40 years later, she [...]

Films off competition 2015

Paitangi (0)

A beautiful Maori, Patangi Ostick, is above all a very talented, multi-faceted artist, recognised among her people. All Maori arts fascinate her: engraving, sculpting wood or bone, composing and singing her native music, tattooing… She is sometimes criticised for daring to rise to challenges usually reserved for men, like tattooing or waka. This is the [...]


FIFO in Australia (0)

Last week FIFO continued on its journey to Australia, stopping in Sydney for a new screening of the film La Monique. As usual, a discussion followed the screening. Rich Welch from the Antenna Documentary Festival led it whilst Khadidja Benouataf answered questions from the public. Sydney has a large Caledonian community some of whom attended [...]

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