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Fifo Festival in Tahiti

Carte blanche to Doc Edge 31/01 Planning at the “Grand Théâtre” of the “Maison de la Culture” (0)

2015/01/28 • Category: In front of, News

13h00 – Erebus opération Overdue
 Réalisation : Peter Burger et Charlotte Purdy
In 1979, a jet carrying 257 passengers disappeared over the Antarctic. Eleven policemen were sent to Mount Erebus to retrieve the victims of the accident and fathom the reasons for the crash.

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Films in competition 2015

Tender (0)

73 minutes, Australia, 2014
English Version with French subtitles
Directed by Lynett Wallworth
Produced by Scarlet Pictures
A metallurgical industrial centre in Australia, near the coast. For various financial, ecological or spiritual reasons, a joyful and festive community contemplate creating a public funeral service when its members are suddenly confronted with the fatal illness of a founder member of [...]

Films off competition 2015

Out in the line up (0)

Out in the line up
70 minutes, Australia, 2014
English Version with French subtitles
Directed by Ian W Thomson
Produced by Yellow Dot
Society is starting to accept the ‘coming out’ of homosexuals. But what’s the situation in the surf world ? Surf culture plays upon an idealised hypersexual image, but is it really as simple in the real world [...]


FIFO in Australia (0)

Last week FIFO continued on its journey to Australia, stopping in Sydney for a new screening of the film La Monique. As usual, a discussion followed the screening. Rich Welch from the Antenna Documentary Festival led it whilst Khadidja Benouataf answered questions from the public. Sydney has a large Caledonian community some of whom attended [...]

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Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham